Hite Rite / Quick-Adjust Seat Locator

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Hite Rite / Quick-Adjust Seat Locator

Adjust seat instantly and easily while riding

  • Push DOWN for control on rugged terrain
  • Spring UP to your most efficient height for cruising
  • Keeps seat aligned with frame
  • mounts quickly
  • prevents seat theft

The saddle height you feel comfortable with varies depending on the terrain you're riding over. Generally, on level ground and pavement, you set it higher to be more comfortable with a full leg stroke. As people go down steep, crumbly hills, there is a tendency to "stand" on your pedals with your bottom off the saddle. This permits the bike to move freely underneath you. With the saddle high, while you are standing on your pedals there is a tendency for the seat to bang around your inner thighs.

Serious riders open the quick release seat bolt, grab the saddle  you can grab the seat and similarly raise the seat, many riders have found the Hite Rite a much easier solution. The Hite Rite is a large, coiled steel spring, with one end fastened through the seat bolt and the other bolted to a steel clamp mounted on your seatpost. The spring is "loaded" when you open the seat bolt and use your body weight to push it down, then close the release afterward. When you reach less rocky ground, open the release on your seat bolt and the saddle will restore to the higher position, close the release.ween their knees, lower it and close the bolt after.