Anger Management (DVD, 2003, Full Frame Special Edition)

Anger Management (DVD, 2003, Full Frame Special Edition)

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ANGER MANAGEMENT, directed by Peter Segal, looks into the life of Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler), an executive assistant at a pet clothing company. The mild-mannered but overly passive Dave is in love with his girlfriend, Linda (Marisa Tomei), yet his anxious personality keeps him from taking things further, both in their relationship and in his career. However, Dave's life takes a strange turn when he is wrongly accused of "air rage" on a flight and sentenced to mandatory anger management classes. Eccentric anger guru Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson) becomes Dave's therapist, but when Buddy abruptly moves in with Dave, the doctor-patient relationship takes an unusual turn.An appropriate pairing of actors with oversized personalities, ANGER MANAGEMENT allows Nicholson to run amuck, while letting Sandler hone the mellower side of his cinematic presence. As Sandler's Dave becomes more bewildered at his predicament, Nicholson's Buddy teeters wildly between wise and rambunctious. Meanwhile, Tomei (who apparently gets more attractive as she gets older) shines in her role as Dave's beloved. Of course, no mainstream Sandler movie would be complete without a number of familiar faces in supporting and cameo roles, and ANGER has them by the boatload. John Turturro steals every scene he's in; Luiz Guzman sports some remarkably unfortunate facial hair; Heather Graham shows up as a brownie-hurling blonde bombshell; and John C. Reilly appears as a bully-turned-Buddhist-monk. And to top it all off, there are cameos by renowned "angry" sports figures Bobby Knight and John McEnroe, as well as the esteemed former mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani.

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Edition: Full Frame Special Edition
Number of Discs: 1
Rating: PG-13 (MPAA)
Film Country: USA
UPC: 043396014909

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Genre: Comedies
Format: DVD
Display Format: Full Frame Special Edition

"...Mr. Sandler, who has developed a skill for playing weary sanity, has also polished his ability for underplaying surprise..."
New York Times - Elvis Mitchell (04/11/2003)

"...The teaming still works..."
USA Today - Mike Clark (04/11/2003)

"...You smile just thinking about Adam Sandler as a schlub forced to take anger-management classes from a rageaholic shrink....Lock up the kids and grandma, this is Jack unleashed..."
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers (05/01/2003)

"...Sandler and Nicholson are back in the big pond this time doing what comes naturally..."
Variety - Todd McCarthy (04/14/2003)

"...There are lively contributions from Buddy's dysfunctional patients..."
Sight and Sound - Leslie Felperin (07/01/2003)

"Curiously enjoyable and often funny."
Uncut - Chris Roberts (12/01/2003)

"...What Sandler and Dorfman employ best is New York-style absurdity�.And Sandler and company also wrangle a hip list of cameo players..."
Entertainment Weekly - Lisa Schwarzbaum (04/18/2003)