Brüno (DVD, 2009)

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Brüno (DVD, 2009)

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After BORAT took over America in 2006, another Sacha Baron Cohen creation arrives on the big screen. In BRUNO, the gay Austrian model of the title brings his antics to the States.

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Number of Discs: 1
Rating: R (MPAA)
Film Country: USA
UPC: 025195017107

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Genre: Comedies
Format: DVD

3.5 stars out of 4 -- "Baron Cohen is the pure, untamed id of movie comedy....The hilarity is stratospherically hilarious, producing gags that pull you up short."
Rolling Stone - Peter Travers (07/09/2009)

3 stars out of 5 -- "It's gross, offensive and puerile in equal measure -- but it is impossible not to laugh while you wince and recoil."
Box Office - Richard Mowe (06/26/2009)

"Undeniably funny, outrageous and boundary-pushing...further documentation of Sacha Baron Cohen's sheer nerve..."
Variety - Todd McCarthy (06/26/2009)

3.5 stars out of 4 -- "[A] no-holds-barred comedy....Here is a film that is 82 minutes long and doesn't contain 30 boring seconds."
Chicago Sun-Times - Roger Ebert (07/09/2009)

3 stars out of 5 -- "BRUNO is funny, filthy and lands a few sharp punches....The writing is tight..."
Total Film - Andy Lowe (07/06/2009)

"[A] crazier, funnier, and even pricklier pincushion of a movie than BORAT....BRUNO ends on a note of scandalously funny out-and-proud triumph..." -- Grade: A-
Entertainment Weekly - Owen Gleiberman (07/17/2009)

"Like a wayward love child of Lenny Bruce and the Three Stooges, Bruno is an idiot savant of penetration -- breaking through borders, boundaries and anything that resembles good taste on his way to whipping up as much cultural anarchy as he can."
Los Angeles Times - Betsy Sharkey (07/09/2009)

3 stars out of 4 -- "[T]he shock factor is undeniable....You'll cringe and watch through splayed fingers, but mostly you'll laugh."
USA Today - Claudia Puig (07/10/2009)

"BRUNO brings an exhilarating element of danger back to comedy....[Cohen's] retained the power to shock, offend, provoke, unsettle, and most importantly, entertain a jaded, desensitized public."
A.V. Club - Nathan Rabin (07/09/2009)

"It's an exercise in offensiveness, an exploration of over-the-topness and a gleeful working of both sides of the street, with sporadic frolics in the gutter."
Wall Street Journal (07/10/2009)

"[Q]uite funny....A succession of skits, gags, episodes and stunts..."
Movieline - Zinat S. (07/09/2009)

3.5 stars out of 4 -- "There are a ton of laughs....Cohen puts himself in ridiculous and sometimes life-threatening situations without breaking character..."
Premiere (11/16/2009)

4 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t's definitely the squirm-inducing moments when he scores."
Uncut - Michael Bonner (07/24/2009)