12 Volt D.C. Rechargeable Handy Power System

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12 volt D.C. rechargeable handy power system multi-volt diagnostic LED display.

This portable power source has multi-d.c. voltage (3V, 6V, 9V, and 12V) output.

Ideal for outdoor applications where a power source is not available.

Featured with a 12 Volt D.C Recharging Cord (Included)
or 110 Volt A.C. recharging capability.

110 Volt AC/CD charger adapter (sold separately)

    Wide applications:

    • 3V or 6V portable radio and cassette player (0.3 thru 0.5 amp) up to 13 hours
    • 6V or 9V lCD television (0.3 thru 0.7 amp) up to 10 hours
    • 12V laptop computer and keyboards (0.7 amp) up to 6 hours.
    • 12V cellular phones (0.5 thru 0.8 amp) talk time up to four hours. stand-by time up to 70 hours
    • 12V Air compressor (4.5 thru 6.0 amp) up to 12 17x13 tires
    • 12V spotlight 30 watt up to two hours. fluorescent light 0.4 amp up to 10 hour