Apple Presentation System, The New Way To Make Multimedia Presentations

Turns your television into a multimedia presentation system.

Put your ideas on display.
The next you're preparing a multimedia presentation, add the visual impact of large-screen television to the power of Macintosh. The Apple Presentation System lets you use the slides and movies you've created on your Macintosh computer. And its lets you present your ideas where people can see them-right on your TV.

Reach a wider audience.
Not everyone needs to hear what you have to say can be there when you're making your presentation. No problem. The Apple Presentation System lets you connect your Macintosh to a VCR and record your presentation on videotape. That way, you can send copies to colleagues, clients, classmates, or friends and family to make sure they all see it. 

Get started right away.
One of the best things about the Apple Presentation System is that you already have most of what you need to make great presentations-your television, your Macintosh computer, and your ideas. Now all you need is this package to turn your computer and television into a presentation system for meetings, classroom teaching, training sessions, and entertainment software viewing. 


  • Allows you to connect your television to your Macintosh computer and view your presentations on TV.
  • Lets you connect a VCR to your Macintosh and record your presentations on videotape, for easy and inexpensive distribution
  • Works with any television or VCR.
  • Lets you adjust the image for flicker reduction, horizontal squeeze, and vertical shift-just as you can with a television
  • Displays images in as many colors as your computer supports
  • Gives you a crisp, clear color picture, with image resolution of 640 by 480 dots per inch. 

Includes Bonus! Interactive Multimedia-Getting Started CD-ROM