ATC Belay / Rappel Device

ATC Belay / Rappel Device


The Black Diamond ATC provides lightweight and durable belaying and rappelling performance anytime, anywhere. This classic design features a large surface area that dissipates heat when lowering or rappelling, and the smooth-handling geometry accommodates rope sizes from 7.7 mm to 11 mm. The ATC can now be ordered in specific colors.

  • Unique, smooth-handling geometry
  • Minimalist design is durable in all conditions
  • Large surface area dissipates heat when lowering or rappelling
  • Handles ropes from 7.7 to 11 mm

Weight: 49g (1.7 oz)
Strength: 22. kN (4960 lbs)


  1. The ATC is designed for rock, snow, and ice climbing only.
  2. Climbing is inherently dangerous
  3. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions
  4. Special knowledge and training are required to us the ATC
  5. Obtain qualified instructions
  6. Failure to heed all of the above can result in severe injury or death