Calterm GM Fusible Link, No. 08401, 16 Gauge

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Calterm GM Fusible Link, No. 08401, 16 Gauge


Calterm GM Fusible Link, No. 08401, 16 Gauge. 

Protects 12 AWG Wire Size Circuit.

Fusible links are designed to protect specific OEM electrical circuits from high voltage surges or shorts within the circuit.

The special Hypalon wire melts when the electrical load exceeds the wire's rated specifications.

Fusible links should always be two wire sizes smaller than the circuit they are to protect.


  1. Disconnect battery ground cable
  2. Remove old fusile link
  3. Strip circuit wire 1/4", insert into connector provided, crimp and install assembly
  4. Reconnect battery
  5. Fuse for Safey: Always install a fuse when installing an accessory to protect the electrical system and to avoid circuit damage. Use only a fuse with the proper amperage rating for the circuit.

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