Discovering The Universe Eight Edition By Neil F. Comins & William J. Kaufman III Paperback - Used

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Discovering The Universe Eight Edition By Neil F. Comins & William J. Kaufman III Paperback - Used
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Discovering the Universeis the bestselling brief text for descriptive one-term astronomy courses (especially those with no mathematics prerequisites). Carried along by the book's vibrant main theme, "the process of scientific discovery," the Eighth Edition furthers the book's legacy for presenting concepts clearly and accurately while providing all the pedagogical tools to make the learning process memorable.

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ISBN-10 1429205199
ISBN-13 9781429205191

Key Details
Author Neil F. Comins, William J. Kaufmann
Number Of Pages 544 pages
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2008-01-11
Language English
Publisher Freeman & Company, W. H.

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Edition Number 8
Copyright Date 2008
Illustrated Yes

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Target Audience
Group College Audience

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LC Classification Number QB43.2.K376 2008
Dewey Decimal 520
Dewey Edition 22

Table Of Content
Table Of Content Preface Part I Understanding Astronomy 1.Discovering the Night Sky What If . . . Earth's Axis Lay on the Ecliptic? 2. Gravitation and the Motion of the Planets 3. Light and Telescopes What If . . . Humans Had Infrared-Sensitive Eyes? 4. Atomic Physics and Spectra Part II Understanding the Solar System 5. Formation of the Solar System and Other Planetary Systems 6. Earth and Moon What If . . . The Moon Didn't Exist? 7. The Other Terrestrial Planets 8. The Outer Planets What If . . . We Lived on a Metal-Poor Earth? 9. Vagabonds of the Solar System 10. The Sun: Our Extraordinary Ordinary Star Part III Understanding the Stars 11. Characterizing Stars 12. The Lives of Stars from Birth Through Middle Age What If . . .The Earth Orbited a 1.5 M Sun? 13. The Deaths of Stars What If . . . A Supernova Exploded Near Earth? 14. Black Holes: Matters of Gravity Part IV Understanding the Universe 15. The Milky Way Galaxy 16. Galaxies What If . . . The Solar System Were Located Closer to the Center of the Galaxy? 17. Quasars and Other Active Galaxies 18. Cosmology 19. Astrobiology Appendices Glossary Answers to Margin Questions and Computational Questions Index

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