Halloween Bootique Witch Dog/Cat Costume

Adorable Witch Costume for your favorite girl!
2 Piece Costume, Tutu and Witch Hat with Orange Hair
Head: 12-16 IN (30-40 cm)
Waist: 14.5 - 24.5 IN (36.8-62.2 cm)
Head: 16-20 IN (40-50 cm)
Waist: 18-30 IN (45.7-76.2 cm)

Caution: Not Suitable for Children.

Intended to be used for a short duration and under supervision. Always supervise pet to ensure they do not destroy or ingest apparel. May be harmful if ingested. Inspect regularly and replace if any part becomes damaged. If product becomes wet, some color transfer may occur. Use caution around light-colored upholstery or carpeting. Keep away from open flame.

Made in China