Hydraulic Door Closer

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Hydraulic Door Closer

Dual valve, closing and latching speed controlled by two separate regulating valves.

Rated as a grade 2 and works well for most household & some commercial applications.

    Includes small parts pack ( all fasteners), plastic cover cap, single sheet - standard installation.

    For use on small to medium doors weighing up to 120 Lbs.

    Do not use this product in a damp or wet location.

    When drilling, make certain that the drilling path is clear of any wiring, lines
    or cable.

    Do not use for fire door applications. This door closer is not rated for that.

    Always wear eye protection

    Use the illustration below to lay out the hole placement for your Door Closer. The Door Closer Shaft should be 7 1/4” from the end of the door.

    The Arm Bracket should be mounted 8 5/8” from the end of the door.




    Material: Die-cast aluminum, carbon steel, grade two fasteners

    Dimensions: 7” L x 2 9/16” H x 1 5/8” W

    Mounting Holes: (4) 1/4” diameter

    Weight: 1.85 Lbs. (body only)

    Instructions included.