Love Story (DVD) Featuring Ali MacGraw & Ryan O'Neal

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Love Story (DVD) Featuring Ali MacGraw & Ryan O'Neal
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One of the most popular tearjerkers ever, LOVE STORY tells the tale of a rich law student, Oliver (Ryan O'Neal), and a poor musician, Jenny (Ali McGraw), who fall in love while attending college. Despite opposition to their relationship from Oliver's wealthy father, the two get married. After graduation, Oliver takes a job at a prestigious legal firm in New York, and everything seems to be going well for the couple. However, tragedy strikes when Jenny is diagnosed with a fatal illness. As a result, Oliver must face a future without the woman he loves. This timeless film, based on Erich Segal's novel, featured the famous tag line "Love means never having to say you're sorry."Ryan O'Neal as a law student who defies his rich and powerful father (Ray Milland) on every issue, including the former's love for a music student (Ali MacGraw).

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Number of Discs: 1
Rating: G
Film Country: USA
Features: Letterboxed
Sound: HiFi Sound, Stereo Sound, Surround Sound
UPC: 097360800647

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Genre: Dramas
Format: DVD

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