Monopoly Replacement Pieces -Community Chest Cards



Missing a card? Are they worn/faded? We have you covered!

So that missing a card won't stop you from playing that game filled with fun and family friendliness, giving your home thrill a new kind of enjoyment on family game night.

Available cards:

  • Get of jail free
  • Advance to go (Collect $200)
  • Income Tax Refund ($20)
  • Doctor's Fee $50
  • Pay School Tax $150
  • Receive for Service $25
  • Go to Jail
  • Bank error in your favor ($200)
  • You won Second Prize (Beauty Contest $10)
  • Assessed for Street Repairs $40 per house $115 Per Hotel
  • Pay Hospital $100
  • Life Insurance Matures $100
  • Xmas Fund Matures $100
  • From Sale of Stock $45
  • Grand Opera Opening Collect $50 From every player
  • You Inherit $100

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