Morgans Virginia Soldier 1776 Figurine

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Morgans Virginia Soldier 1776 Figurine

1776 Revolutionary Soldier Figurine by Andrea Sadek

Daniel Morgan raised a unit of riflemen to march North from Virginia to Boston in August of 1775. The longer accurate range of the rifles they carried made the riflemen useful at times- like the Battle of Cowpens in 1781, when as skirmishers they were able to attract the careless charge of Tarleton that resulted in his total defeat. They were also slow to load and couldn't carry a bayonet, so riflemen could not defend well against a determined charge- at the Battle of Long Island in 1776 they would be overrun. For this reason, Continental troops were mostly carrying muskets, and training with them in the European fashion. Despite this fact, there has been a popular long-standing legend that the British were defeated by riflemen using unorthodox or Indian tactics ( like shooting from behind trees). Perhaps it's easier to believe, than giving credit to the French.

Measures approx. 8 1/2" Tall x 2 3/8" W

Base approx. 2" L x 2 1/4" W