Power Supervisor CP-55 With Surge Protector

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The computer power controller are power control centers with integral solid state line conditioning circuitry.

Computer power controller monitor and condition incoming power, then distribute it through fully shielded outlets.

Each device in the computer system can be powered up individually with lighted rocker switches, or the entire system can be turned on with a master switch.

With computer power controller the typical haphazard maze of power lines and extension cords can be eliminated once and for all.

  • Fully shielded metal case
  • Lighted rocker switches correspond to individual sockets on rear panel
  • Master power on/off switch

Maximum spike: 80 joules one time.
Energy dissipation: 25 joules repeated usage, self restoring.
Maximum spike voltage: 6000 Volts.
Clamping spike voltage: 55 Volts above line.
Surge current clamping ratio: No greater than 2:03:1.
Maximum spike current: 6500 Amps.
Clamping response time: 10 nanoseconds (10 x 10-9 sec).
Ratings and Performance are based on an 8 x 20 Pulse.

  • Dielectric test: 3000 VAC 60 sec.
  • Operating temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to + 75 Degrees Celsius.
  • 15 Amps, 125 VAC, 1875 Watts.
  • Model noise protector-normal and common.
  • Noise rejection-frequency 150 KHZ-30 MHZ.
  • Attenuation: 5db-37db continuous duty.
  • 12.1" x 2.1" x 13.6" (WxHxD)