PUMA EVO360 Protection Sleeve Shin Guard

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PUMA EVO360 Protection Sleeve Shin Guard

Sleeve For Shin Guard in Front. Universal fit sleeve pocket keeps slip guard secure. Recommended PUMA shin guard - PowerPlate Guard (not included).

Back Protection Flexible strategically placed compression foam protects your calf and achillies from impact. 

Anatomical Compression Lightweight enough to offer full protection without impeding mobility.

Anti Slip Stability Four-way stretch, quick dry material is enhanced with strategically placed silicone pattern to keep sleeve in place. 

EVO360 Care:

  • Store dry and cool.
  • Hand wash in coll water (30 degrees maximum)/
  • Allow to dry naturally at room temperature.
  • Do not place over any radiators or any source of direct heat.

The EVO360 has been specifically designed for the requirements of soccer. Do not use this product for any other sport. The EVO360 is designed to reduce the risk of injury, however the risk cannot ever be completely avoided. Modifications to the product may reduce the performance of the product. 

Color: Black

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Made in China



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