RadioShack Wireless Home Control Security System, 61-2611

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Includes Everything you need for Security and Convenience around your home!

Supervised Security - Base Receiver monitors up to 16 Alarm Transmitters.

Plug 'n Power for 24-Hours Home Security and Convenience, Fully Supervised System for Professional Reliability.

  • No wiring necessary-easy installation
  • Dual-alarm capability-flashes selected lights and sounds loud (85dB) siren
  • Expandable transmitter loop permits a single transmitter to monitor several windows and doors
  • Battery backup for security during a power failure
  • Base receiver LEDs instantly identify the exact area of your home where the break-in occurred
  • System supervises itself-door/window transmitters give status report to the receiver every 90 minutes
  • Compatible with #61-2675/6 Wireless Remote Control Center and others

Manufactured in China