RadioShack Weather-Resistant Coax Boot, No. 278-1658, Set of 2 Coax Boot

RadioShack Weather-Resistant Coax Boot, No. 278-1658 

Use with RG59, RG6, RG6/QS Coax Cable, "F" and many other RF-type connectors

UV protected for outdoor use

If you are using RG6 or RG6/QS cable, before you install the boot, cut off its end just above the second rib so you can feed the cable through it.

Slip the boot over the wire, narrow end first, then slide it up so it will not interfere with the installation of the connector.

Install the connector on the end of the wire, then slide the boot down so the large end covers the connector.

Note: To make the connection waterproof, you can fill the boot with silicone adhesive (RTV) before sliding it over the connector. However, keep in mind that this might make it difficult to remove the boot and connector after the silicone cures.

Instrucions are printed on back of packaging

Qty: 1 Set of 2 Connectors