Reading and All That Jazz Second Edition by Mather & McCarthy, Softcover 2003

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Reading and All That Jazz Second Edition by Mather & McCarthy, Softcover 2003

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Designed to help students become jazzed about reading, this introductory-to-intermediate reading text provides motivating and engaging readings selected to grab the reader's attention. Reading and All That Jazz also features clear explanations and a wide variety of well-developed practice exercises designed to provoke genuine thinking, interpretation, and even some improvisation on the part of the student and the instructor. The theme of jazz emphasizes a positive, exciting, personally involved approach to reading and learning.

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ISBN-10 0072491493
ISBN-13 9780072491494

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Author Peter Mather, Rita Romero McCarthy
Number Of Pages 592 pages
Edition Description Revised
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2002-07-23
Language English
Publisher McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Publication Year 2002

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Edition Number 2
Copyright Date 2003
Illustrated Yes

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Height 0.8 In.
Width 8.5 In.
Length 11 In.

Target Audience
Group College Audience

Classification Method
LCCN 2002-021909
LC Classification Number LB2395.3.M28 2003
Dewey Decimal 428.4/071/1
Dewey Edition 21

Table Of Content
Table Of Content ** indicates material new to this edition Part 1: Getting A Handle on College Introduction: Your First Week In Class Assignment Sheets Are You Ready for College? This Is the Week That Was Selection: excerpt from My American Journey by Colin Powell Selection: Ode to the Present by Pablo Neruda Vocabulary: Introduction Selection: Crickets by Robert Olen Butler Chapter 1: How We Learn - Finding Out About Ourselves Auditory, Visual, or Kinesthetic - What is Your Learning Style? Vocabulary: Words in Context Day versus Night People Selection: The Two Most Dangerous Hours of Your Day by Lowell Ponte Left-Brain and Right-Brain Orientation - Which One Are You? Selection: What Is Intelligence, Anyway? by Isaac Asimov Stress Inventory: How Much Stress is There in Your Life? Selection: An Easy Choice by Rick Reilly Study Schedules SQ3R - A Classic Way to Study **Selection: POWER Learning (study skills textbook) by Robert S. Feldman Vocabulary: Homonyms and Other Confusing Words Part 2: Discovering Meaning Through Structure Chapter 2: Topics, Main Ideas, and Details Using Textbook Material **Description of Topics and Main Ideas Distinguishing Between General and Specific Locating Topics and Main Ideas Paragraph Diagrams Paraphrasing Implied Main Ideas **Aunt Caroline **Urban Legends Selection: What Women Don't Understand About Guys by Dave Barry Selection: This is 911...Please Hold Chapter 3: Determining the Author's Purpose To Entertain Selection: The Shepherd's Daughter by William Saroyan To Inform Selection: From a Melted Candy Bar to Microwaves by Ira Flatow To Persuade Selection: Students Who Push Burgers by Wlater Minot Writing Summaries **Selection: Letter to Olivia by Mel Allen Vocabulary: Word Structure and Unit 1 Chapter 4: Transitions and Patterns of Organization Transition Word List Description of Transition Words and Patterns of Organization Classification Pattern Cause and Effect Pattern Compare/Contrast Pattern Steps in a Process Pattern Examples Pattern Definition Pattern Chronological Order Pattern **Listing Pattern Additional Transition Words Selection: Police Power in Japan (from sociology textbook) by Robert T. Shaefer and Robert P. Lamm **Selection: Out of Control by William Nack and Lester Munson Part 3: Interpreting What We Read Chapter 5: Inferences Introduction and exercises Selection: Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man by Fannie Flagg Selection: Inside the Vicious Heart (from history textbook) **Selection: Thomas Broderick by Tom Brokaw Chapter 5 Test: "Inside the Vicious Heart" Vocabulary: Unit 2 Chapter 6: Figurative Language Figures of Speech - similes, metaphors, and personification **Selection: Ann Landers The Use of Symbols Selection: Guernica (Art History textbook) by Rita Gilbert Selection: The Yellow Ribbon by Pete Hamill Literary Allusions Imagery **Selection: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson Selection: Blizzard Under Blue Sky by Pam Houston Chapter 7: Tone Inferring tone Selection: The Fixed by Annie Dillard Irony Selection: A Letter to God by Gregorio Lopez y Fuentes Satire Selection: The Animal School by Dr. George H. Reavis **Selection: Hurts Rent-A-Gun by Art Buchwald Vocabulary: Unit 3 Part 4: Recognizing Modes of Writing Chapter 8: Four Primary Modes An Introduction to Modes of Writing (Rhetorical Modes) Narrative Selection: "Thank You Ma'm" by Langston Hughes Descriptive Selection: A Son's Memoir by John Daniel **Selection: On Aging by Maya Angelou Expository Selection: Impulse Control: The Marshmallow Test, an excerpt from Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman Persuasion Argumentation Selection: TV by Mary Piph

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