Spode - England Oriental Bird China Bell

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Spode - England Oriental Bird China Bell

A brilliantly plumed bird amid a display of delicately colored and intricately detailed flowers brings a time-honored motif from old china to this beautiful English bell designed exclusively for the Bell Collectors Club.

Spode is one of the most famous names in English ceramics. Over two hundred years of experience, as well as some of the most significant developments in the history of pottery-making, are represented in this fine bone china bell from Spode.

Josiah Spode worked from the age of seven in the potteries of England's Stafford-shire district. He was accomplished in all aspects of ceramics manufacture when he purchased the factory of William Banks in 1776. The thriving form was taken over by his son, Josiah Spoke II, in 1797. One of the landmark contributions made by his illustrious father and son to the art of English ceramics-making was the technique of transfer-printing patters onto chinaware from engraved copper plates. The Spode family also perfected a formula which to this day and remains the standard for fine English bone china.

17-6 is printed on the inside

Bell includes card with the above information from the Bell Collectors Club.

Bell measures approx. 4" height x 2" diameter.