The Gravedigger, A Novel by Peter Grandbois, Hardcover 2006

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The Gravedigger, A Novel by Peter Grandbois, Hardcover 2006
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Ce livre historique peut contenir de nombreuses coquilles et du texte manquant. Les acheteurs peuvent generalement telecharger une copie gratuite scannee du livre original (sans les coquilles) aupres de l'editeur. Non reference. Non illustre. 1895 edition. Extrait: ...--Enfant jouant a la toupie sabot. Fevrier.--L'Enfant devant le Maitre. Mars.--Adolescents jouant au Colin-Maillard. Avril.--Jeune Homme assis entre deux Femmes. Mai.--Guerrier chevauchant, accompagne de son Valet. Juin.--Le Mariage. Juillet.--La Famille. Aout.--L'Abondance: Laboureur ramenant une voiture de ble a la maison, sur le seuil de laquelle se trouve la Mere de famille. Septembre.--L'Homme imprevoyant en guenilles et portant la besace. Octobre.--La Richesse: l'Homme et la Femme a table; la Servante apporte les plats. Novembre.--L'Homme malade, appuye sur deux bequilles, en priere devant une image; la Femme aupres du feu. Decembre.--L'Homme agonisant, la Mort a son chevet et deux Femmes prosternees. (F8 14 v.) De rosario beate Marie.--Grande lettre ornee. (F017 r.) Initium sancti evangelii sec. Joliannem.--Petite gravure representant le saint a genoux, avec attributs divers. H., 0,073; 1., 0,052. (F 18 r.) Evangelium sancti Luce.--Saint Luc assis et peignant le portrait de la Vierge. (F0 19 r.) Evangelium S. Mathei.--Le Saint assis ecrivant sur un pupitre. Derriere, un ange lui presente le texte sacre. H., 0,073; I., 0,052. (F0 20 r.) Evangelium S. Marci.--Le Saint assis, presentant l'evangile. H., 0,060; 1., 0,053. (F 20 v.) Gravure representant Jesus au Jardin des Oliviers; le baiser de Judas. H., 0,073; 1., 0,052. (F0 25 r.) Officium beate Marie.--La Salutation evangelique. Memes dimensions. (F 29 v.) La Vierge et sainte Anne. Gravure encadree de colonnes architecturales. H., 0,080; 1., 0,056. (F0 34 r.) La..., Combining magic realism and ribald frolics, The Gravedigger tells the story of the gravedigger in a small Spanish town. Don Rodrigo's duty is to listen to the recently deceased and pass their stories from one world to the next. This magical debut novel is a heartwarming tale of lives, deaths and love that will appeal to fans of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jose Saramago., In a small, whitewashed village, indistinguishable from any other in Andalusia, Juan Rodrigo is a gravedigger. The job was handed down to him by his father, as was the ability to hear the voices of the dead and to tell their stories to the living. Though the details and revelations of these accounts aren't always well received, Juan is a respected member of the community who encourages people to understand and to forgive. But his own tolerance is tested when his young daughter, just on the brink of adulthood, falls in love with a gypsy boy Juan doesn't approve of. Incorporating aspects of magic realism, Peter Grandbois' distinctive voice and style lures readers to an enchanting place where spirits and people coexist harmoniously.

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ISBN-10 0811853500
ISBN-13 9780811853507

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Author Peter Grandbois
Number Of Pages 256 pages
Format Hardcover
Publication Date 2006-03-23
Language English
Publisher Chronicle Books LLC
Publication Year 2006

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Copyright Date 2006

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Width 5.9 In.
Length 8 In.

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Group Trade
Grade From Eighth Grade
Grade To College Graduate Student

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LCCN 2005-026244
LC Classification Number PS3607.R3626G73 2006
Dewey Decimal 813/.6
Dewey Edition 22

Reviews Readers who revel in magic realism will embrace this poignant debut about a poor but honest Spaniard with a gift for communicating with the dead. Although Juan Rodrigo is known throughout his tiny Andalusian village as a gravedigger, telling stories is his true cachet. Juan is well respected, but the painful (and, at times, unsavory) truths he reveals about the recently departed don't always go over well among surviving relatives and friends. "That man is of the devil" is an indictment he often hears. The spirit of Juan's late wife lives on in their daughter, Esperanza, a willful young girl on the verge of womanhood. Juan's compassionate nature is put to the test when Esperanza falls in love with a young Gypsy boy. Grandbois, who has lived both in the U.S. and Spain, renders lively descriptions of the villagers: flamboyant storyteller El Romancero, who sweeps into town with a guitar and a cape; the mayor's pushy wife, Consuela, with an unfortunate tendency toward large, feathered hats; and wise old Sofia, a woman from a neighboring village who emits a fart with each step. Reminiscent of the work of Luis Alberto Urrea and Gabriel Garc a M rquez, this luminous first offering brims with earthy humor and heart. - Booklist , starred review

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