The Guitar Handbook

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The Guitar Handbook

A Complete Book of instructions and advised for every Guitar player and every style-rock, blues, jazz or folk. By Ralph Denyer, with a Forward by Andy Summers.

A Comprehensive, fully illustrated guide and instruction manual for the Guitar, the Guitar Handbook contains:
  • A unique, easy-to-follow learning program that covers the whole range of guitar techniques, from the simplest chords to improved solos in any scale and any key.
  • A series of color-illustrated profiles on the most famous and influential guitarists. 
  • A complete chapter on customizing and maintenance.
  • Special sections on every kind of acoustic and electric guitar, on amplification, special effects and on-stage sound system.
  • A detailed, step-by-step chapter on the techniques of recording.
  • An illustrated chord dictionary and much, much more.

Guitar Handbook
By: Ralph Denyer
ISBN: 0394712579 ISBN-13: 9780394712574
Publisher: Knopf - 1982-10-12
Format: Paperback