Total Recall Digital Voice Recorder No. PA600C

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Total Recall converts your Handspring Visor into a portable voice recorder and editing tool.

Total Recall has 4MB of on boardstorage which allows for 1.5 hours of actual recording time.

The features and benefits include voice memo recording/filing, automated date and timestamp, dictation, and message editing.

Moreover, Total Recall can convert into a stand alone digital recorder using its own battery powered (AAA x 2) shuttle.

Detach Total Recall from the visor handheld computer and record messages using the 4 operations keys: Record, Play, FF/Skip next, Rewind/Skip Previous).

Later, plug it back into Visor handheld computer to view and listen to your new messages.


  • Quick and Easy Digital Recording - Don't risk misplacing lists and written notes, capture your thoughts anytime, anyplace. Powerful and reliable CD-like control lets you rapidly record, locate and playback your memos.
  • File into Voice Folders - File your notes, reminders and memos into customizable folders. Separate them by business, personal, ideas, or however you choose.
  • Locate Notes Instantly - Search feature lets you quickly locate your notes. No need to tediously rewind and fast forward.
  • Simplify Your Life - Store hundreds of recorded reports, meeting action items, shopping lists, directions, reports and important things to do. Keep it all organized in one place and go back to it when you need it.
  • Voice Desktop Application - Includes PC application. Move your voice recordings to your PC and send via e-mail. Requires Windows 98 or 2000