Travel Funds Can, Travel Savings, Let's Travel Collection, Travel Quotes Handwritten On Plastic Lids

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Planning a getaway? Need a place to collect your travel funds? I have just the perfect place for that!

This bins will just do the job. Bins are made of heavy duty cardboard with metal base and and plastic lid.

Lid has an X opening in the center to insert coins or bills.

Bins are 4-1/2" H x 6" Diameter

Each Lid has a different quote to choose from:
"Wanderlust, Not all those who wander are lost"
"It's only a matter of time! What next? Where next? Just Go!"
"VENI, VIDI, AMAVI. We came. We Saw. We loved"

Do not submerge in water.
Decorative use Only.
Not for food storage.

Qty. 1 Can