Weatherstripping Tool

Weatherstripping Tool

This tool provides a fast and efficient way to lift rubber weatherstripping up around auto windows


  • Insert one end of the plastic cord into the ronnd hole of the tool.
  • The opposite end of the tool has a taper that you can use to lift the weather strip in order to start the process of inserting the cord.
  • Push the tool under the weather strip around the window depositing the cord as the tool advances. The weather strip around the window should now be completely lifted away from the metal surface.
  • Don't cut off excess cord as it will be reused. Fold the excess cord and tape it to the window.
  • The weather strip can be completely masked and the metal surface.
  • The plastic cord is reuseable and can be cleaned with reducer or paint thinner. 

Qty: 1 Weatherstripping Tool

Made in Taiwan