ZeroStart Tank Type Engine Heater 1000W-120V

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ZeroStart Tank Type Engine Heater 1000W-120V

Circulates warmed engine coolant through engine for fast starts.

Provides faster defroster and heater action.

Prolongs engine life.

Fits most liquid cooled engines.

Must be installed vertically.

Instructions included.

3 steps

  1. Determine and cut proper hose (coolant need not be drained).
  2. Install heater as indicated on enclosed instructions and tighten clamps.
  3. Run engine. Check for leaks.



  • Model: 1000
  • Dimensios: 7 3/4 L x 2 1/2" W
  • 1 Industrial Circulation Tank Type Heather
  • 1 Adapter
  • 6 hose clamps
  • Fasten Mounting Bracket
  • "Y" Fitting


Caution: Do not use heater in coolant system containing any form of stop-leak additive. When refilling cooling system, be sure to use a proper mixture of anti-freeze and water (example 60-40 Max.). An over concentration of antifreeze may reduce heater performance and shorten heater life.