2nd. View Super Wide Angle Covex Mirror

2nd. View Super Wide Angle Covex Mirror
  • Widens Angle of Driver's side View
  • Eliminates Blind Spots
  • Easily Installed with Adhesive Back
  • Aprox. 1 7/8"L x 1 2/8"W

Note: as with all wide angle mirrors, objects seen in the 2nd VIEW Wide Angle Mirror appear to be smaller and further away. 

For Use With Any Side View Mirror On Driver's Side Only (Circular, Sport, Rectangular)

Only wash with mild soap and water.

With side view mirror set in normal position, you will notice that as a vehicle passes on the left it will move from the side view mirror into the 2nd. VIEW clearly showing vehicle.

To Use: Before changing lanes, check side view mirror and 2nd view for clearance.