AOSafety Faceshield Replacement Window High Quality Polycarbonate

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AOSafety Faceshield Replacement Window High Quality Polycarbonate
AOSafety Faceshield Replacement Window High Quality Polycarbonate
High-quality polycarbonate window
Easy to assemble
Meets ANSI Z87.1 and complies with OSHA regulations for industrial eye and face protection
Window mounts inside crown protector for greater splash protection and added support against impact
Heat resistant window
This faceshield does not provide unlimited protection against untraviolet or infrared hazards.
Face shileds do not provide unlimited protection. This device must be worn with one of the following additional eye protection devices.
  • Safety spectacles or goggles where impact hazards exist
  • Proper goggles or safety spectacles where the hazard of injurious rays exist
  • Proper goggles where chemical splash hazards exist
Infra-red absorbing face shields must be selected in accordance with the ANSI Z87.1 Selection Chart. Welding Face shields meet the shade requirements of Table 1 and their shade number is indicated on the window
Aluminized face shields are special purpose devices and should not be used for welding or cutting. They are intended to be used for heat reflective purposes.
Inspect frequently, impact resistance is reduced if window is pitted, hazed or crazed. Replace immediately
This faceshield shall only be worn over suitable safety eye protection; such as 91100 safety glasses or 91252 safety goggles.
Overall length approx. 9" H x 14-3/4" W 
Qty: 1 Faceshiled replacement window