Classic Sport Knee/Elbow Pad - Various Colors & Sizes, 1 Pair

Knee/Elbow Pad:

  • Soft and durable EVA cushioning
  • Spandex shell for comfortable protection


  • 56% Polyester, 41% EVA & 3% Spandex
  • Flexible fabric shell
  • 2 Knee/elbow pads for impact protection

Care Instructions:
Wash carefully by hand with mild soap and water. Knee/Elbow Pads can be damaged by contact with common substances (i.e.; solvents, cleaners, detergents, etc.) This damage may not be visible to the user.

Includes: 1 Pair

These Knee/Elbow Pads are designed to reduce the risk of injury for appropriate sports. Even if these knee/elbow pads are worn, there is still a risk of injury. If the knee/elbow pads are damaged or altered from its original state in any way it will reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Available in Royal Blue, Black or White

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Made in China