ComSwitch 7500, Command Communications, Why Pay for Another Phone Line?

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Comswitch 7500, Command Communications, Why Pay for Another Phone Line?

Use ComSwitch 7500 to automatically route calls to your phone, answering machine, fax and modem - all on a single line!

Two-Line Office or Four Devices - ComSwitch is the perfect solution if yo have two lines available, or if you have a single dedicated office line and need to connect a telephone and answering machine, as well as a fax and a modem.


  • Automatic Line sharing
  • Two line compatibility
  • Distinctive ring mode for simple line sharing
  • Choose "Office" or "Home" mode
  • Monitoring
  • You can get phone company voice mail and caller ID
  • Remote message notification
  • Compatible with phone, fax and data equipment - virtually anything that plugs into a standard modular telephone jack.
  • Protects fax and modem calls from unwanted interruptions - no more internet session crashes or incomplete fax documents.
  • Lets you prioritize incoming fax, modem or voice calls - you can customize the way ComSwitch operates to suit your specific needs.
  • Lets you require security codes for inbound calls - great for junk fax screening and for protecting PC file integrity.
  • Provides call transfer capability from extension telephones - enables voice and fax activity on a single call.

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