Cross Fire Shooting At and From Moving Vehicles

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Cross Fire Shooting At and  From Moving Vehicles

Discover what happens at 40 MPH

This program is a realistic look at what you can expect when shooting at and from moving vehicles. It is intended to inform law enforcement and other law abiding citizens with the knowledge they need to make intelligent decisions when shooting or being shot at.

Lenny Magill is assisted in this study with two of the most accomplished competition shooters to ever live: John Pride, former LAPD Detective, National PPC Champion and Biachi Cup Champion. Mickey Fowler three-time Bianchi Cup Champion and Buck Masters National Champion. These three men have come together to show what happens when you shoot at a moving target traveling from 10 to 40 mph. The results are somewhat surprising.

You'll be amazed at what you will see. And, you'll be impressed at the shooting skills demonstrated by Pride Fowler. As you'll see, it'd not easy shooting at a moving target. You'll learn some of those skills in this 110 minute program. Highly recommended to all law enforcement to all law enforcement and special operations personnel.

110 Minutes

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