Gold's Gym Exercise Weight Lifting Olympic Plates

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Gold's Gym Exercise Weight Lifting Olympic Plates are cast iron weight lifting plates for personal or commercial gyms

The Gold's Gym brand of weight lifting plates are an "old school" favorite, nothing fancy here but are guaranteed to build muscle and strength just as fast as the most high end plates out there. 

Use Gold's Gym weighted plates on curl bars, tricep bars, Cambered bars for squats and 7’ long Olympic bars for everything else. 

Each plate is made from solid cast iron and includes a recessed rim to assist with loading and carrying plates. 

All plates feature a 2” center hole to accept Olympic weightlifting bars and are painted with baked-on gray enamel. 

Plate sizes available:  

  • 10 lbs. 8-3/4" Dia. 
  • 25 lbs. 11" Dia.

    Material: Solid Cast Iron
    Center Hole: 2" Dia.
    Grip Design: 3 Hole Grip

    Qty: 1 Plate - Individual

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