Grandma Jean's Pressure Seasoner

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Grandma Jean's Pressure Seasoner

Perfect for the oven or the grill!

  • Infuses seasoning throughout entire cut of meat where simple seasonings can't reach.
  • Chrome plated
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


How to use:
Remove cover and place cup in upright position. Fill cup with water, wine, soysauce etc; add your dry seasonings and replace cover. (cover must fit tight so steam will not escape)
Shake well to mix seasonings, then insert into desired area of meat.

Note: It is necessary to use a liquid as it will boil during cooking, causing steam pressure which forces seasonings through the meat. The pressure seasoner can be used in any meat thick enough to cover all the perforations in the stem of the seasoner. In large cuts of meat the seasoner can be removed and inserted in a different portion of the meat during cooking. 

Measures approx.  5 3/8" L x  1 5/8" W

Seasoner must be removed from meat after 15-20 minutes of cooking time. 

Made in China