Mr. Funnel Portable Fuel Filter F3NC Orange

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Mr. Funnel Portable Fuel Filter F3NC Orange
Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter F3NC Orange 
Removes Water & Dirt from fuel
When water and dirt is left in the fuel, these contaminants can plug your engine's fuel filters, corroding components, decrease combustion and cause engine failure.
The Filter does not let pass water and debris and it’s collected on the bottom sump for disposal.
Self-cleaning & no filter replacement is required.
Test for leaks by filling with water to cover 1/3 of screen.
Black models are conductive, best for aviation & marine

Always use safe fuel handling procedures.

This Fuel filter is ideal for filling gasoline, heating oil, diesel and kerosene Self-cleaning

Color: Orange

Material: Plastic
Filter Flow Rate: 3.5 gallons per minutes.

Overall length approx. 9" High x 5-1/2" Dia.

Funnel Down:
Outside diameter approx. 7/8"

Inner diameter approx. 5/8"

Qty: 1 Fuel Filter Funnel (Flexible Spout Not Included)

Made in United States

Caution: Additives or chemicals may allow water to pass. Do not spill and do not use near hot surfaces. If water is found in sump, drain tanks or take appropriate action.