Old Kyoto By Sudo Japan "Bottan" Porcelain Bell

Old Kyoto By Sudo Japan "Bottan" Porcelain Bell

Delicacy and exquisiteness a form characterize traditional Japanese art, which derives much of its inspiration from nature. The early masters revered the intricate beauty  of leaves and flowers and recaptured it in stylized designs. A favorite was the "bottan"-the Japanese name for the peony flower imported from China more than a thousand years ago.

Created exclusively for the Bell Collectors Club by Old Kyoto, the "Bottan" Bell features an antique pattern researched by Kanji Sudo. Mr. Sudo has discovered a display of lush peonies between bands designed in geometric harmony. The pattern and the gate-like shape of the gold lavished handle are meticulous reproductions of magnificent Japanese bells crafted in the 4th. century. These antique works are called "Doh Takku," meaning copper bell.

Among discriminating collectors, Old Kyoto is revered for its dedication to preserving traditional Japanese porcelain patterns. The 150 year old firm was founded in 1838 in the area of Tokyo, which was then known as Edo.

Bell includes card with the above information from the Bell Collectors Club.

Bell measures approx.  3” height x 2 1/4” diameter