RadioShack HTA-20, 2-Meter Power Amplifier #19-1122

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RadioShack HTA-20, 2-Meter Power Amplifier #19-1122

Perfect for Mobile Use.

Helical Receive Filter With Compensating Preamplifier. 

Helical Receive Filter helps cut Intermodulation Interference - Ideal for RF-Crowded Urban Areas.

  • 30 watts output power
  • Accepts 0.5-5 watts input
  • Helical receive filter cuts intermodulation distortion
  • Low-noise receive preamp
  • Requires 13.8 VDC

Your Radio Shack HTA-20 VHF Amplifier with RX Pre-Amplifier is a high-power, filtered VHF band amplifier designed for use with transceivers in the 144 - 148 MHz FM frequency band.

When your transceiver transmits, the
amplifier amplifies the transmitted power.

Mounting Bracket & Owner Manual included.

Condition: Brand New - Sealed

Custom Manufactured in Korea

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