RadioShack High-Power Choke Coil, #40-1326

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RadioShack High-Power Choke Coil, #40-1326

High-Power Choke Coil, ideal for High-Power Crossover Networks.

The low-pass Choke Coil helps your audio system's woofer or subwoofer work more efficiently to produce a cleaner sound. It does this by electronically channeling low frequencies (below about 150 to 300 Hz) to the woofer and filtering high frequencies. You can also connect two coils in series to lower the cutoff frequency of the woofer or subwoofer.


Inductance - 4.25 mH
DC Resistance - Less Than 1 Ohm
Max Power - 200 Watts
Wire Diameter: 1.1mm
Cutoff Frequency:
With 4-Ohm Speaker - 150 Hz
With 8-Ohm Speaker - 300 Hz


Made in Taiwan