RadioShack Remote Control Mini Controller Timer #61-2670

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RadioShack Remote Control Mini Controller Timer #61-2670

Give you house that lived-in look and sound, 24 hours a day. Just plug in the Mini Controller Time and modulates (extra). Then program daily ON/OFF times for lights and appliances. Control lights and appliances from your bedside.

No rewiring required.

  • Alarm-clock type snooze control and buzzer
  • Bedside control of lights and appliances in other rooms
  • UL listed AC operation

How it works: Mini Controller Timer sends digital signals over existing house AC wiring to Plug 'n Power modules (extra). Program it to automatically switch lights and appliances on an off at your preset times. To deter burglary, you can program daily on/off times for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, radios and televisions. Your house will always look and sound "lived in." Or use the Security function to vary programmed times. Even manually control lamps and appliances throughout your house. 

Style: Simulated Walnut Grained.

Condition: New - Revised and the top for battery compartment the lock is broken.

Custom Manufactured in China

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