Red Sitting Buddha (Budai or Hotei) Figure


Red Sitting Buddha (Budai or Hotei) Figure

Budai or Pu-Tai[1][2] (Chinese and Japanese: 布袋; pinyin: Bùdài; rōmaji: Hotei[3]; Vietnamese: Bố Đại) is a Chinese folkloric deity.

Budai is traditionally depicted as a fat, bald man wearing a robe and wearing or otherwise carrying prayer beads. He carries his few possessions in a cloth sack,being poor but content. He is often depicted entertaining or being followed by adoring children.His figure appears throughout Chinese culture as a representation of contentment

Some Buddhist traditions consider him a Buddha or a bodhisattva, often identifying him with Maitreya (the future Buddha).

His identification with the Maitreya is attributed to a Buddhist hymn (Chinese: 偈语; pinyin: jìyǔ) he uttered before his death

Buddha is made resin type material, is palm size

Measures approx. 2" H x 1 1/4" W