Royal Mosa - Holland Windmill Bell

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Royal Mosa - Holland Windmill Bell

Porcelain lovers have long collected "delft" pieces, characterized by an opaque white glaze and an overglaze decoration rendered in blue. The process was developed by potters in the Netherlands in the 17th. century, and has been a recognizable hallmark of fine Dutch design ever since.

With this heritage in mind, Royal Mosa created this charming bell exclusively for the Bell Collectors Club. Its design, which adeptly imitates the "delft" process, is decidedly Dutch - with meticulously detailed windmills on the front and back, and delicate flowers on the sides.

Beginning in the late 1800s, the Royal Mosa hallmark featured an artist's rendering of the oldest bridge in the city of Maastricht, where Mosa in located. In 1977, the bridge was given a modern look, as a chevron over the company's name. Mosa's moment of glory came in the 1983 when the pottery was appointed purveyor of fine china to Her Majesty, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. At that time, the work "Royal" was added to the company's proud hallmark

Bell includes card with the above information from the Bell Collectors Club.

Bell measures approx. 3 1/4" height x 2 1/8" diameter