Sears/Craftsman Bi-Directional Sanding Belt, No. 928407, 5 Belt Pack

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Sears/Craftsman Bi-Directional Sanding Belt, No. 928407, 5 Belt Pack
Craftsman Bi-Directional Sanding Belt is designed to be run in both directions. This ability gives the belt these advantages over conventional lap-spliced belts:
  1. Longer Life, reversing the belt after one side has been used helps to clean the belt and also allows you to use cutting edges not previously used.
  2. Smoother Running, conventional lap splices cause a slight bumping action during sanding. The butt splice on Craftsman bi-directional belts eliminates this bumping.
Also to further increase the lift and cutting ability of this Craftsman bi-directional sanding belt. All-resin industrial bond, high quality aluminum oxide grain and heavy-duty cloth backing have been used. This gives superior heat and stretch resistance to the belt. 
Bi-Directional Sanding Belt, rotates clockwise or counterclockwise.
Outlasts any conventional Belt.
For Wood, Metal, Plastic, Fiber Glass, and Painted Surfaces.
For Use with Brand saws
Medium 80- For removing Minor Surface Imperfections; Light Paint and Varnish Removal.
Contents: 5 Belts, Each 1/2" x 80"
NOTE: The product is brand new. The original box is worn from being in storage.
Qty. 1 - 5 belt pack
Made in U.S.A.