The Walking Dead Wallets Authentic AMC, Multi-color

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An absolute must have for The Walking Dead Fans! Get yourself one of these brand new, authentic amc, faux leather wallets! With four slots for card, a ID card slot with a clear plastic covering, room for cash and two additional pockets for storage, this stylish wallet is still slim enough to fit in your back pocket or in your purse.  

Choose from two different designs:

Remember those floating Walker heads the Governor had in tanks filled with liquid? This design shows two sets of heads on the front and back. Interior is black. amc The Walking Dead in bold, black, large front across the bottom edge of the front and back. 


Walkers are always hungry, right? This design shows a walker chowing down on a piece of human on the front of the wallet. The back of the wallet is a black and white scene of walkers behind a fence that has a sign saying "Trespass Its Your Ass." amc The Walking Dead in red, bold, large font is vertical along the right edge of the front.