Therm-A-Rest Couple Kit, For Camp Rest or Camp Rest Deluxe Mattresses

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Connect your camp rest or camp rest deluxe mattresses.

Carry in your Therm-a-rest stuff sac pocket.

  • For sleeping double, join two Therm-a-rest mattresses together.
  • Slip your inflated mattresses through the coupled loops.
  • Position loops along shoulder and hip areas of mattresses.
  • Mattresses will remain side-by-side- no gas - no overlaps.
  • Attached bag provides night storage for small items.
  • Keep your Couple Kit convenient by storing it in the special inside pocket of your Therm-a-Rest stuff sac.

Storage Bag measures approx. 4-1/4" H x  4-3/4" x 3"

Contents: 2 nylon coupled loops; 1 attached storage bag. 

Made in USA